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Feldmässige und Verstärkt Feldmässige

Crew bunkers

Wohnunterstand Falkenhorst

Falkenhorst Stauning
A Falkenhorst in 17/180 Stauning

Falkenhorst Strande
Two Falkenhorsts in Strande


Siegfried Søndervig
A Siegfried shelter in 5./HKAR 180 Søndervig

Light infantry-weapon bunkers

58c Stand for MG and light motar

58c Blåvand
A 58c in 7./HKAR 180 Blåvand

58c Søndervig
A demolished 58c on the beach of Søndervig

58c Büffel
The camouflage-painted entrance to a 58c in the Büffelstellung

58c Frue Klit
A 58c used for observation. The bunker is on top of Frue Klit in Vejers

58c Oksby
Another observation 58c - located within 14./HKAR 180 Oksby

58c Bordrup
...and another...this one is found in Bordrup Plantage

58c Hirtshals
A rare variant - with a concrete cupola for a MG

58c Hirtshals
The cupola - these variants are only found in the 10. battery (Hirtshals S)

58c Hirtshals
Interior view of the cupola

58c Rævsbjerg
An observation 58c with annex for the crew

65a Stand for 5 cm tank gun

65a Klitmøller
A 65a in 2./HKAR 180 Klitmøller

67 Stand for armourturret Pz.I & Pz. II

67 Blåvand
A 67 south of 7./HKAR 180 Blåvand (Pz. I)

PzKw I Panzerturm
An PZ. I turret from a 67-bunker - found by the museumsbunker in the "Tirpitz-stellung"
The turret was STOLEN from the museum in 2005!

67 Vejers-Blåvand
A 67 in 1. Linie between Vejers and Blåvand

67 Tårnby Strand
A 67 still with the turret from a Pz. I - located on Tårnby Strand

67 Vejers-Blåvand
Another 67 in 1. Linie between Vejers and Blåvand

67 Vejers
A 67 in 1. Linie south of Vejers

69 Stand for mortar and machinegun

69 Blåvand
A 69 in 7./HKAR 180 Blåvand

69 Vigsø
A 69 on the beach of Vigsø (1/180 HKAR)


F-Std. Vejers-Blåvand
A F-bunker in 1. Linie between Vejers and Blåvand

F-Std. Vejers-Blåvand
The entrance to the bunker

F-Std. Fanø
A F-bunker on the north of Fanø

F-Std. Fanø
A F-bunker from the same area with an intact detonationbox

F-Std. Sjelsborg
A F-bunker in Sjelsborg north of Esbjerg

F-Std. Hirtshals
A F-bunker on the beach at Hirtshals

L13 Bunker for 20 or 37 mm machinegun

L13 Flugplatz Esbjerg
A L13 on Esbjerg airfield

L13 Flugplatz Rom
A L13 on Rom airfield