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Bunker museums

Radarstation Robbe

Positioned on Rømø
Large radarstation, which among other was equipped with the "Mammut" and "See-Elefant" -radars

Guided tour of the station
Phone: (+45) 74 75 52 57


Positioned near Oksby (Blåvand)
Navy battery. Exhibition in one (of two) 38 cm gun-emplacements (S561)
Phone: (+45) 75 27 84 27 / (+45) 75 22 08 77
S561 Vogelnest


Positioned north of the Oddesund-bridge
Anti-aircraft battery
Unmanned exhibition

Museumscenter Hanstholm
The bunker museum includes one of the gun sites of the 38 cm battery "Hanstholm II" and the whole of the 17 cm battery "Hanstholm I"

The museum bunker of "Hanstholm II" was built during 1940-41 and housed a 38 cm S.K.C/34 in a "land turret" (Bettungsschiessgerüt C/39). The bunker covers an area of about 3.000 m2 and housed the 90 man crew, machine rooms, bath room, toilet and ammution rooms with about 160 shells and charges.

The museum bunker has partly been restored back to it's original state. Unfortunately the big gun has not been preserved, but a 15 cm S.K. C/28 has been placed in the area as an exhibit. Also parts of the ammunition railway has been restored, so that it is possible to take a ride on it through one of the gunsites and an ammunition bunker.
The "Battery I" is an unmanned open-air museum in which most of the bunkers of the battery has been made accessible. The battery was established april 1940 in open emplacements. From the summer of 1942 until spring 1944 19 permanent bunkers were buildt in the battery ( 4 x M270, 4 x R502, 1 x R501, 1 x M162a, 2 x Fl242, 2 x M145, 1 x Fl277).
Opening hours: March-October: 10.00 - 16.00
June, July, August: 10.00 - 17.00
The old munitions train runs every day during the summer months and week 42 or by arrarangement
Museumscenter Hanstholm
Molevej 29
DK-7730 Hanstholm
Phone: ++45 97 96 17 36
Fax: ++45 05095
e-mail: MCHkanon@post8.tele.dk


20./180 HKAR Bulbjerg
Unmanned exhibition in a S449, which was used as Peilstand for the 38 cm battery in Hanstholm
S449 Bulbjerg

Battery Hirtshals West

668 10./HKAR 180 Hirtshals West
10,5 cm army coastal battery
Denmarks only complete coastal battery!

Historiecenter Beldringe

Located in Beldringe by Odense
Exhibition in a partly, originally equipped 608 which describes the history of the airfield
608 HCB

Esbjerg Fiskeri- & Søfartsmuseum

622 Esbjerg Located in Esbjerg near the harbour
Exhibition in a 622, describing the area's history during the war
Phone: (+45) 75 15 06 66

Silkeborg Bunkermuseum

Located on Silkeborg Bad
Exhibition in an almose complete equipped 622, describing the area's history during the war
R622 Silkeborg

Skanderborg Bunkermuseum / Frihedsmuseet

608 Skanderborg
Exhibition in two 608's