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Here's links to other Atlanticwall/bunker-related pages

The Atlantikwall in Denmark
A parallel to this website...

(Almost) everything about german radar systems etc

The Atlantikwall Website

The Fortress Page

Bunkermuseum Hirtshals (Danish language) E-mail

Homepage Places of War II

Bunker Interessen Gemeinschaft (German language)

Hagland Festning (Norwegian language)

Le Mur de L'Atlantique (French language)

Bunkers by LC, travelguide ...

The Third Reich Bunkerart

Hansje Bunker


MuseumsCenter Hanstholm

Silkeborg Bunkermuseum (Danish language)

Der Atlantikwall in Dänemark

Bunker Art

Der Atlantikwall - Die deutschen Küstenbefestigungen in Frankreich 1940 - 1944

Fortress Books