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L410 AA-battery commandopost with built-on emplacement for AA-gun

L410 Søndervig
A L410 in radar station Ringelnatter in Søndervig

L410 Søndervig
The entrance side of the bunker

L410 Nr. Vorupør
A L410 in Nr. Vorupør

L410 Fanø
A L410 on Halen, Fanø

L410 Fanø
A L410 on the northern tip of Fanø. This particular bunker is extraordinary because
instead of the usually gun position for a L410 bunker this one is built with a gun
position for a Fl242 bunker!

L410 Fanø
Here the gun position is clearly visible

L410 Fanø
A view from the other end of the bunker

Type:Regelbau L410
Org. name:Unterstand mit aufgesetztem Geschützstand für eine leichte Flugabwehrkanone mit Zugbefehlsstelle
Armament:One 20 mm or one 37 mm anti-aircraft gun
m³ concrete:700