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On the 15th of January 1945 the German Fortress Pioneers (Fest. Pi. Stab 31) made a very detailed list bunkers built in Denmark. The list named "Baufortschrittsmeldung" describes the progress in the building of the Danish part of the Atlantic Wall. All the bunkers are listed individually by a unique number with the date of construction, the date when the installations are finished and the date when the bunker was handed over from the fortress pioneers to the troops. The list also shows the amount of concrete that was used to each single bunker.
The German HQ split up the areas to defend into strongpoints - "Stützpunkte". Several Stützpunkte became Stützpunktgruppen, and more Stützpunktgruppen turned into a "Verteidigungsbereich". In addition the German troops made a defenceline named "1. Linie" just behind the dunes on the beaches. This defenceline mainly consists of troopshelters, bunkers for antitankguns and bunkers for machineguns.
I have used this list mentioned above as source for the "Baufortschrittsmeldung"-part of my website. Notice that I have only included the bunkers that is listed as "constructed" - some bunkers are constructed after January the 15th 1945 but these aren't in this survey. Neither are the bunkers on the island "Rømø" included on the list, because during the war the island was considered "German territory" and therefore didn't belong to Fest. Pi. Stab 31's area. But to see a list of the bunkers on Rømø, just click on the island on the map page.